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Toy Story Birthday Pictures - Two Story

We couldn't have a birthday go by without some cute photos to go with the theme.

These two ideas I found on Pinterest and knew we had to recreate them.

The cardboard box photoshoot is so fun! You grab a box and put it on a table or something higher and just take a bunch of pictures. We opted for Toy Story pajamas so that they could double as costumes and get a lot of use out of them (since we aren't in the dress up phase yet). Add props, get your little to make different faces, and even add their sibling! Baby brother was a little too little to sit up in the box, but we got at least one good shot (lol).

I made this collage in the Canva app using a 9 photo frame template - super easy!

Our other shoot was so fun for Colton! I set up a cardboard box labeled “Colt’s toys” and lined up all our Toy Story friends. We got some of our balloons inflated at our local grocery store and I clipped them to two board books to stay grounded (and so you couldn’t see them on the box). We tried to blow bubbles too for an added effect - so cute!

These were so fun to create and definitely cool to see Colt get into the theme and be part of the magic as he's getting older. Check out how we decorated for his Toy Story themed party here.

Until the next photoshoot...two infinity and beyond!


*links shared may be commissionable*

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