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Monthly Baby Pictures

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I always loved seeing all the adorably monthly baby pictures from my friends and Pinterest, so when I found out I was pregnant I started planning out our baby’s monthly pictures.

At first I thought I wanted one of those blankets that lists all the months for an easy photo op, but I decided I couldn’t deal with seeing all the numbers/months that weren’t relevant to the picture. If it works for you, great!

I finally settled on using a letterboard with a sherpa blanket as my backdrop. I wanted to make sure I had the same layout for each month, so that it would be easier to see baby’s changes from month to month.

Finding a cute outfit for your little is an easy way to get a picture marking their monthly milestone. I wanted to mark the seasons with my pictures, so I chose themes to help showcase the time.

Our baby was born in June, so I did an Independence Day theme for his one month pictures in July, a sailing theme for August, soccer theme for September, and Halloween for October. A mix of seasonal and personal interest themes help make it a fun experience for you and baby.

Being an over achiever, I wanted to have another way to easily see my baby’s growth over the months, so I also took picture of our little guy in a plain white onesie. I chose to take his picture in the rocking chair in his nursery, so that we would have another consistent background. It’s hard to have a newborn propped up, so I used a decorative pillow to help with that. I also included a stuffed animal to be used as a reference point for baby’s size. And I couldn’t be more thrilled with how these photos turn out every month.

Quick tips!

  • Find cute outfits or pick a theme.

  • Keep the same background each month.

  • Use a letterboard or monthly markers to note the milestone.

  • Make sure you have natural lighting for the best results

  • Don’t be afraid of photo editing presets to help get a great professional photo look

  • Enjoy the moments.

Update: Colt's Full Monthly Picture Collection

Full list of themes we used:

  • Independence Day

  • Sailing/Summer

  • Soccer

  • Halloween

  • Smiley Baby

  • Elf/Christmas

  • Snowman/Frozen

  • Valentine's Day/Cupid

  • St. Patrick's Day/Leprechaun

  • Bunny/Easter

  • Toy Story

  • Cute Baby



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