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Toy Story Birthday Party - Two Infinity and Beyond

I pretty much picked out the theme for Colt’s second birthday before he even has his first. I always appreciated the Toy Story franchise and thought it was such a genius move to have a “two infinity and beyond” party.

Luckily, Colt has really loved the Toy Story movies the past few months and we have them on repeat here. I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest for his party but wanted to put my own take on the movie without it being too character-y or too much red or yellow (lol).

My two main focal points were our fireplace mantle, where I knew I wanted to place all of “Colt’s toys” and my dining room where the buffet would host the desert table and backdrop display.

I purchased one custom banner on Etsy that was made up with different prints from the movies and then a balloon garland for “two infinity and beyond.” I truly couldn’t decide where to put each garland, but once we inflated the balloon letters, it was clear they were too large for the backdrop or lower mantle. We adjusted and I was so happy with the result.

I opted for making my own balloon garland since I didn’t want a similar color scheme to last year’s first rodeo party. I ordered two balloon garland kits from Amazon - one white and one gray - and then some of the cloud print balloons off Etsy to make a combo garland to give of a neutral cloud vibe.

We also got a bunch of green and purple balloons for the Buzz Lightyear vibes and ended up making a small garland to add to our mantle display. Naturally, I also needed helium balloons, so we ordered (and got those delivered!) from Party City.

I also sprinkled in some balloons that resembled Woody’s ensemble for the front entrance as a balloon tower to pay tribute to the first movie and Andy’s room. It was fun to color some cardboard boxes like his play town.

My go-to local baker is on maternity leave, so I decide to brave baking the birthday treats myself. I made a two tier cookie cake and dyed the frosting light blue and added some clouds for the wallpaper print. I found the best cake topper on Etsy, that added even more Toy Story vibes. A few days before the party I made Funfetti cake balls that I decorated like everyone’s favorite Pizza Planet Aliens. Michael’s had the perfect shade of light green candy melts and I just added eyeball sprinkles to complete the look. They looked great next to our little pizza planet pizza boxes.

Besides all the fun toys we bought to complete the party look, my favorite addition were this assortment of vinyl stickers I found on Etsy to act as confetti. There were great as a little takeaway for the older kids and wasn’t a mess like traditional confetti is. We also got fresh cotton candy for our little guests from our local shop - Sweet Society in Stonebridge.

Lastly, we could have a birthday go by without some themed photos. Check those out in this blog post.

Colt had an amazing birthday and it was so great to see him be in awe of the Toy Story magic we made for him.

Shoutout to my mom, sister, bonus boys, and Brandon for helping me bring my vision to life.

So, should we start planning his third birthday now?! Kidding…



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