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First Birthday Photos - Rodeo Theme

I always knew I was going to do a rodeo theme for my son’s first birthday and I had a blast putting everything together. Due to the pandemic, we never got the chance to take maternity photos or newborn shots - so I knew I wanted to do something special for his first birthday.

Planning a photo session for a one year old with warm/hot weather sounded stressful to coordinate with a photographer, so I decided to do it myself! I gathered a bunch of props that could double as decor for his party since we decide to build on the rodeo theme.

I am lucky enough to live near a horse barn/riding center and asked the owners if it was okay for me to take pictures on their property. It was super kind of them to enable me because it was the absolute perfect backdrop.

I am completely obsessed with the number one I made from a Hobby Lobby "1" with bandanas, ribbon, and rope yarn - and my "Colt's Rodeo" sign I also made with rope yarn. They added a simple, but perfect touch to make the theme come together in a personalized way - super easy to make too!

Traditionally, folks do a cake smash for the first birthday photos, but being a Texan away from my home state, I decided Blue Bell Ice Cream was way more fitting for the occasion and theme.

My mom came with me and Colt to take the pictures so I had her stay in the car with him while I set up the scene (it was super hot outside). Then I made sure everything looked the way I wanted to in frame and put my iPhone in Live Photos mode and took a million pictures.

I think the results were amazing and perfect for displaying at his first rodeo birthday party. Now I have to figure out what to do for his second birthday just in a few months - any ideas?!

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