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First Time Mom Series: Preparing for Baby

I have been wanting to write down so many thoughts over the past year from what I have learned from fellow new mamas, veteran mamas, lots of Instagram accounts, and sheer luck on the best ways to prepare for baby.

I'm sure there are a million helpful tips and tricks out there, but let's face it preparing for your first baby is incredibly overwhelming. You're also filled with such joy, it is very possible to overlook some topics that deserve dedicated time and energy.

I am planning on adding other entries that dive deeper into other important topics and highlight some of my favorite products for baby and mama.


Explore different resources.

Sometimes it really is a great time to live in the age of Instagram and TikTok. There are so many accounts that provide expertise in breast feeding, labor & delivery, baby milestones, baby-led weaning, and so many other helpful topics. I followed a ton of resources that have given me information and confidence to be able to take care of our little guy from day one.

I’ve included a few of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram at the bottom of this post that will be super helpful for your pregnant and new mom journey.

Favorite Accounts to Follow:

Breastfeeding: legendairymilk | lactationlink

General information and milestones: healthiest_baby | milestones.and.motherhood

Teething & Baby Teeth: the.dentistmom

Prepare, but be flexible.

I felt relatively prepared for labor and delivery; however, I definitely underestimated the up's and down's of breastfeeding and nursing. I highly recommend reading and watching YouTube videos that can help you prepare for breastfeeding if that is your plan. Remember fed is best. Get familiar with your pump (even if you think you won't need it, you might).

I was looking forward to nursing, but little Colt had no interest in working for his food, so I exclusively pumped for six months and it was H A R D. If you're lucky to have a smooth breastfeeding journey thank your lucky stars. Research and figure out your pump before baby arrives, so that you aren't overwhelmed once you have a newborn who is always hungry waiting for milk. Formula is also a great option, so research formula ahead of time too in case you need to supplement or switch over.

Being pregnant during a pandemic requires a level of flexibility, so feel empowered to research and be prepared, but it's okay if things don't go according to plan.

Set up your baby registry on Babylist.

One of the fun (and tedious) tasks of preparing for baby is setting up your baby registry. I really loved setting up registries on both Target and Amazon and then linking them together through Babylist. Babylist, Target, and Amazon both offer welcome kits and other exclusive offers for registry creators.

Target offers a 15% off coupon to be used on remaining items not purchased on your registry, while Amazon offers 15% off for two orders on remaining registry items and if over $500 is purchased from your registry you qualify for a 20% off diapers credit for the first year of baby's life.

Babylist also offers a 15% off completion coupon to be used on their shop items. Babylist is pretty cool because not only can you link both your Target, Amazon, and other registries under one link (which means you only have to send out one link to friends & family,) but you can also add individual items from pretty much any website, such as Pottery Barn, Etsy, and Buy Buy Baby.

Don't be afraid to communicate.

Having a baby during the pandemic comes with new considerations. You may want to communicate with friends and family on the boundaries and precautions you are putting in place during your pregnancy and with baby’s arrival given the risk of COVID-19.

It is okay to say no to attending gatherings and social engagements in effort to protect yourself and baby from potential exposure. It is also important to communicate what you are and are not comfortable with once baby arrives, so that you are not facing added stress or pressure once you are juggling new mom life.

It’s your baby, so do not feel guilty in making decisions to protect your new little one.


I will share what you actually need to do to get ready for baby and essentials for baby’s arrival in blog posts coming soon. I hope this was helpful - share any other tips you have for new moms in the comments below!



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