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Must Have Farmhouse Letter Board

The past few years we have seen a rise in popularity of letter boards. I have been avoiding the trend for awhile, but once I was expecting a little one I knew I'd cave into the trend.

I bought a sweet letter board for my baby boy's monthly pictures (future blog post), but it was not until I was mindlessly nesting and online shopping that I came across the most amazing farmhouse style letter board piece.

This reversible sign-letter board duo from Krumpet's Home Decor is ah-mazing! We ordered the 22''x22'' "home" sign in May and I quickly became conflicted. I loved the look of the "home" side, but desperately wanted to display custom phrases on the herringbone I ordered a second letter board. This time I grabbed the "hi" 22''x22'' board with the mindset that I'd mainly use the letter board side.

Krumpet's offers various letter sets, as well as seasonal pieces or "shape sets" to add to any of their letter boards.

If you've fallen in love with this look like me then great news! Krumpet's is currently running a promotion on all their letter boards and letter board accessories. These items are on sale for 25% off through September 30th.

I picked up a few items from the sale, such as the letter organizer, several shape sets, and another ledgie.

I'd love to see what phrases you display if you pick something up from the sale.



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