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Dazed & Engaged Bachelorette Party

When my best friend Demi got engaged she knew immediately that “dazed and engaged” was going to be her bachelorette party theme.

She loved the seventies/disco vibes and wanted to bring in lots of fun pastel colors and energy to her celebration. Demi chose Denver as her bach weekend destination, which was such a great choice for all of us girls.

I had the honor of coordinating the decorating for the weekend since I arrived in Denver first. Demi knew what vibes she was going for and picked quite a few foundation pieces of decor and we built off of that.

Here’s a look at Demi’s Dazed and Engaged bachelorette party decor ✨

We made three main focal points on the main level of our Airbnb:

Future Mrs. Childs - Rainbow Vibes

This was a great background for our dinner Friday night where we had a private chef cook us a several course dinner. We found the rainbow fringe backdrop, rose gold table runner, and disco ball cups on Amazon. The custom name balloons are from Etsy.

A fun last minute addition, were these vegan Jell-O shots in the cutest little glasses from Boozy Bites. We got an order of champagne and rose flavored ones - so good!

Dazed and Engaged - Disco Vibes

This spot was my absolute favorite - the silver fringe backdrop with large white balloons, pink confetti, and heart balloons from the local Party City store; combined with this cute banner from Etsy and disco ball and daisy balloons from Amazon. Loved this backdrop for all the pictures and TikToks.

Daisy Balloon Garland - 70s Vibes

We found this balloon garland kit on Amazon and it came out even better than expected. This garland would not have been possible without an electric balloon pump and some dedicated helpers! Our Airbnb has this cute little nook with a chair that made it the perfect third spot for photos of our bride. Of course we added more daisy and disco ball balloons to tie the room all together.

Besides the backdrops, we found a bunch of fun pieces and extras to really make our bride feel special and celebrated.

These disco ball cups were a must for our theme. We paired them with the cutest disposable heart shaped pink straws that come individually wrapped - all on Amazon.

I ordered two sets of customized confetti to add a little personalized detail to the vibe - first was this set of three phrase confetti that came with cowboy hats and silver rings. They paired nicely with our groom’s head sticker confetti that I ordered along with a few big heads.

And my favorite little surprise was a custom cookie cake and order of two dozen cake balls from a local Denver baker. I found Two Square Bakes on instagram and saw that she had recently created a seventies theme cake for a shoot and new she could make something happen. Her cake balls were absolutely to-die-for.

We spent the weekend celebrating our bride and having some much needed girl time. Loved getting to put everything together with such a fun theme.

We also did a fun “let’s go girls” TikTok to match with the theme of the weekend too.

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