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Celebrating Easter with Littles

Last year was Colt’s first Easter and with the holiday just around the corner, I thought I would share some ideas for celebrating with your littles.

Colt was just about ten months last Easter so he was in that in-between stage where he could kind of understand that it was a fun day, but couldn’t walk yet to do an egg hunt or anything like that.

So we took a bunch of cute photos - I had a combination of eggs and carrots for Easter decor, and then fresh florals on our front porch made for a great backdrop.

One of my other favorite things to do each holiday is put together a gift basket - and Easter baskets are so fun - even for littles!

I’ve compiled a couple ideas for babies and toddler baskets, plus some cute baskets for putting things all together. I think it’s always fun to give seasonal and functional gifts to make your littles feel extra special.

I couldn’t help myself and got him (and now little brother Ashton) a Pottery Barn Kids personalized basket - they’re too cute. Although, there are plenty of other festive and affordable options I found at Target too.

Can’t wait to add more seasonal activities once the boys get older. We might try an egg hunt again this year now that Colt runs around all over the place, but not sure what we would fill the eggs with - carefully selected snacks? What are your favorite Easter and springtime traditions?! Share in the comments below.

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